Coverage for falls and other work injuries are covered by WCB and you may be entitled to treatment.

What to do when I'm injured at work?

So you've been injured at work, now what? Well, here are some basic steps to get you started on the path to recovery.

Report it, Start Your WCB claim

If you have been injured at work it is important that you report your injury as soon as possible so that your claim can be started.

If you missed time from work or required care beyond first aid, you must report your injury to your employer within the first 72 hours of the injury.


Once you have reported your injury to your employer, you can follow up with a physiotherapist, your doctor, or a chiropractor- the initial assessment will be covered by WCB.

A report will be filed within 48 hours of your appointment and this will help to determine which services and coverage you will require.

The last step to get started is to report your injury directly to WCB. You can do this at Remember, reporting your injury is your right. The sooner the injury is reported, the sooner your recovery can begin. Once your claim has been started, WCB will determine the coverage and services you require and get back to you.

How do I find a provider?

Not all physiotherapy or chiropractic clinics have a contract with WCB, so the easiest way to find a provider with a WCB contract is to search for one directly on the WCB page. You can do that now by following this link:

Human Integrated Performance is an approved WCB Physiotherapy Clinic and can help you sort through the WCB claim process.

What will WCB cover?

Your coverage will depend on your injury and your assessment. Your initial assessment and first treatment with either a physiotherapist or a chiropractor will automatically be covered as long as you went to a clinic with a WCB contract. After your claim has been processed you may qualify for an additional 21 visits over 6 weeks. WCB will also determine which services are appropriate in your case.

Where can I learn more about filing a claim?

You can find more specific details about filing a claim on the WCB webpage:

Or you can check out the WCB worker handbook which contains information about filing a claim, what you are entitled to, and the forms you will need. You can find the handbook at the below link:


3 Tips to remember if you were injured at work

  1. The sooner the better- report your injury as soon as possible so that your claim can be started. This will help you access the services you may need sooner rather than later.
  2. Read through the handbook- it is important to know what you are entitled to and how you are protected. The handbook is a user friendly guide through the process.
  3. It is worth the assessment- it is better to make a claim and get assessed and not need it than to ignore an injury that will need treatment down the road

If you have been injured at work, and are in need of an assessment, come see us at Human Integrated Performance!  We are contracted with WCB and would love to help you on your recovery journey.


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