New Year's Resolutions

2022 is approaching and you might be considering a new years resolution. Before you decide to do this, try to keep the following in mind:

Over half of New Years resolutions that are set in January  often fall off or fail by the end of February. Why does this happen?

You can start by asking yourself - What do I value? Do you really want to volunteer more in the new year, or do you think that is something you’re supposed to be doing? Be aware of the word “should” when thinking of what you want to accomplish this new year. “I should drink less alcohol” “I should watch less tv”. Goals that are created with “should” are usually not aligned with your true desires, but rather, perceptions of judgement from others to be healthier, more liked, etc. When googling “new years resolution” the top search involved 20 ideas for 2022 resolutions. Finding “ideas” for what you should be doing from google is not recommended, as these are not things you have asked yourself, "Do I truly want this?". You are only getting more ideas of what you “should be doing”. Values are not ways we should be living, these are ways we are living. If you value something and are true to these values, chances are you are already acting in ways aligned with them. Building on to these practices is one of the ways you will find the most success.

If you value health and your goal is to eat healthier and you currently cook for yourself one day a week, increase that behaviour to two days a week. If you value financial freedom and your goal is to save more money, look at your current savings, is it realistic and attainable for you to buy one or two less breakfasts/coffee’s in the morning before work?

Another strategy involves starting small and compounding your goals. For example, if you value health and fitness and want to increase your physical activity, try working out while watching your favorite tv show. This will create a positive association to working out as you are rewarding yourself with your favorite television show.

There is no better time to start making changes than right now. When we wait for the “perfect time” to make changes, we rely heavily on our mood, which fluctuates on a daily basis.

You’re motivated to make changes this new year. Good for you! Change is both exciting and uncomfortable. The path to change does not occur in a straight line. Discipline is key in any process of change. In other words, how much effort are you willing to put in to achieve this goal?

Here at Human Integrated Performance, we are always here to help and support your growth and goals, no matter the time of the year.

Good luck!

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