Mental Practice - Sport Psych Saturday

"If you see yourself hitting a dive, your chances of hitting a dive increase greatly."

- Troy Dumais, American Diver

 Dumais is able to mentally practice his dive prior to competition to increase his chances of performing how he would like. 

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For our first instalment of Sport Psych Saturday, we wanted to talk about mental practice and how it correlates with sport performance.

Mental practice is a term that is often interchangeable with imagery and visualization. It can be explained as a developed skill that used the five senses to re-create/create an experience or action within your mind. For example, an individual may visualize themselves making a save, scoring a goal or making a specific movement.

The goal with this is to see yourself performing/practicing a task vividly and in control which is where the term "mental practice" comes from.

Mental practice has many positive uses such as:

  • Mental preparation.
  • Controlling stress and anxiety.
  • Improving focus and concentration.
  • Building confidence.
  • Learning a new skill.
  • Recovery from an injury.

Click the link below to head over to our Instagram IGTV page to check out Psychology Assistant Brad's video on mental practice. 

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